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The lab specializes in the application of fluorescence and mechanical measurements from whole cells to single molecules. We are a multidisciplinary lab drawing upon core techniques in Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Mechanobiology, Super Resolution imaging and Genomics.

Gene Expression and Genome Organisation

Gene expression, the transfer of the genetic code into cellular proteins is one of the most fundamental processes in living cells. This process is orchestrated by RNA polymerases, which are highly regulated to ensure correct expression. A breakdown in this regulation leads to diseases including cancer.

We investigate the role of nuclear myosin using a genomics, biochemistry and advanced microscopy techniques.

Super Res RNAPII.tif

DNA Damage and Repair

One of the most critical processes for living organisms is to maintain the integrity of its genome. Failure to repair DNA damage results in cell death or the onset of disease.

We dissect the roles of nuclear myosin in the recognition and repair of DNA damage sites.


Mechanobiology focuses on understanding how physical forces correlate with protein, cell and tissue dynamics and organization through mechano-transduction. It is emerging that mechano-transduction affects almost all cellular processes, from cell-cell and cell-extracellular matrix adhesions to cytoskeletal architecture and gene expression. In this manner, physical forces provide a mechanism to propagate signals within and between cells. 

We use and develop advanced methodologies to explore how forces impact biological processes. We then investigate how these processes impact gene expression, genome organisation and DNA damage.

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