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Chris Toseland

Group Leader

Professor of Cancer Biophysics at the University of Sheffield Division of Clinical Medicine in the School of Medicine & Public Health.


I received a BSc Biochemistry degree from the University of Wales – Aberystwyth in 2006 then commenced a PhD at the MRC National Institute for Medical Research/University of London. My thesis focused upon the biochemical and biophysical characterisation of DNA helicases. At the end of my PhD, I was awarded an EMBO Long Term Fellowship to move to the LMU–Munich to work on single molecule studies with myosin motors. After 3 years I relocated to the Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry with a research focus on genome organisation. I then established my research group at the University of Kent in 2015 when I gained the MRC Career Development Award.


Danielle Lambert

BBSRC Post-Doc

Faeeza Lorgat


PhD Student


Abdulmohsen Alanazi

PhD Student

Emma Proctor


PhD Student


Isabel Shahid-Fuente

Research Technician

PhD Student

Ana-Maria Gherghelas


PhD Student

Alexandra picture.jpg

Alexandra Moreno

EPSRC iCase PhD Student

Noah Hitchcock

Astra Zeneca

PhD Student


Former Lab Members

Ália dos Santos (PhD Student) - Now a Post-Doc at the MRC-LMB with Matteo Allegretti 
Rosie Gough (Post-Doc) - Now a Project manager at The University of Sheffield
Natalia Fili (Post-Doc) - Now a Lecturer at the University of Lincoln
Alex Cook (PhD Student and Post-Doc) - Now working at Ximbio
Yukti Hari-Gupta (Post-Doc) - Now Lecturer at Brunel University
Hannah Reed (MSc Student) - Now PhD Student with Katelyn Spillane King's College
Laura Medda (MSc Student)
Ioannis Emmanouilidis (MSc Student) - Now PhD Student at University of Dundee 
Bjork Aston (MSc Student) - Now working at Abcam

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